What My Mommy Doesn’t Know!

xena by Dave

What my Mommy doesn’t know…I watch her carefully to make sure she is ok

She is always in motion and when I get comfortable on her lap she moves off to do something else.

I wish she would relax and let me cuddle for as long as I like.






What my Mommy doesn’t know…as her fur baby I am always very concerned for her.

When she is sick …I lick her well.

When she is upset…I rub against her and purrr, and cuddle close.

When she is sleepless…I attach myself to her tummy so my purrr with rock her to sleep.





What my Mommy doesn’t know is that all the surfaces in the place are mine.

I happily share them but all beds, couches, chairs, counters, tables, surfaces all kinds including the sink are mine.


My Mommy knows a lot, she loves me, but just between us, she does not know everything!!!


Xena The Warrior Kitty, and the Wall

xena relaxing in the bathroom


Why do cats stare at walls?

My Mommy is asking me that.  Though I love her, she is human so she just don’t understand.

You see we like to look at the shadows, the tiny bugs that might be there, and the way the light plays with us.

So to us kitties its like a movie.  Mommy loves to watch the big flickering box.

She always kisses my head and pets me behind my ear while I am watching the wall.

That’s OK, I love Mommy’s kisses as much as I love watching the special wall entertainment.


Till Next Time,







Mommy is Too Busy to Pet Me


I woke up this morning and looked up, Mommy was already out of bed. She has been working so hard on all her stuff. She isn’t petting me as much as she used to.  She does pet me, don’t get me wrong but she does it in the morning when she feeds me and at night when she is reading before she goes to bed. I love when she reads because I always get to rub against the side of the book before I go to sleep cuddling next to her leg. A  purrrrfect way to end the day!

But she used to pet me all day as I sat on her lap now she has a notebook or a laptop on it all the time. She gets  really upset when I try to push it aside and gently picks me up and takes me to my couch in the living room. I love my couch but I love her lap more.

I know she is busy trying to make sure I have toys, food and snacks. She loves me very much and always buys me a toy for my birthday and plays with me once a day. I just miss sitting on her lap while she watches TV or lying against her as she reads. But now she sits at her desk all day playing with her computer.

63770_516309685076295_1756383758_nI was sitting by the door letting her know I heard knocking and she looked up from her lap top, smiled and took my picture with her cell phone. She loves to take my picture. She thinks I am beautiful and she tells me all the time that she loves me.

I just want more attention from her so I decided to take the post of secretary. I sit on her desk chair and watch her work on her bed on her lap top. I wash myself on her bed and watch my Mommy do a broadcast of her show Chatting With Sherri.

I am now a very important part of the Rithebard team. Here’s to me!

xena in office chair