My Book is out!!!!!!!


My book is out!!!!

I had a good sniff and I think it iz very nice.

Mommy was so excited that it is number 1.

(Don’t know what that means but Iz happy.)

Mommy iz putting linky here;



I have a secwet!!!

xena in the cane chair


Mommy and I are creating a special book.

Its called A Kitty’s View, an interactive children’s book!!!!

For kids and cats!  You will be able to share with each other.

You will be able to talk to me and ask me questions on the new kitty page.

The book though is special.  It will have my stories.

You will get to tell stories about you, in a very special place!

And there is a coloring section!

So you will get your Mommy and Daddy to buy you our book and then you will be able to share with other kids and most important, you will talk to me! Puuurrrfffeccct.

It is coming very soon.

We are so excited!!!!!!!





Doris Day inspired My Mommy to ask landlords to allow babies like me into apartments.

20150416_131314my xena


My Mommy loves Doris Day and Doris loves little ones like me.

We were watching an old episode where Doris wrote an article about pets that need homes and that landlords need to allow people to adopt cats and dogs.

I was on Mommy’s lap and she bent down and kissed me, rubbed the side of my face and the top of my head.

Mommy always does that but she wanted to let me know at that moment that I was loved.

That show was a long time ago, Mommy was as little as I am, yet it is worse now then it was then, it is harder and harder to find someplace to move to. And Mommy was inspired and asked me to write this to put out the word.

We need homes.

You need us to love you. We need to love you.  It mutual love.

We do not do damage if our Mommies and Daddies teach us how to behave correctly.

Please let your landlord know you want a pet, write petitions, canvas the area.

It is especially important for people like my Grandmother, older humans need pets like me to love.

I am not sure if you know my Mommy rescued me, I was alone, in the rain and starving till Mommy found me.

I love her and she loves me.

Till next time…. Meow!


My Busy Day

20140208_193210Xena in hotel

I always to be up high, one of the best things is to be on the top of chair, looking over the shoulders of my family.

So where ever I am I love to be up hi, I sit and watch over my Mommies home office,;


And I keep tab of things for her.

I love to be high up but I also love to cuddle in bed;



I have had a very busy schedule so I am going to wish you all a good night 🙂



Xena; The Warrior Kitty

Thanksgiving With My Family

xena and camel

My family had Thanksgiving at home this year. It was so nice to be with everyone. We also celebrated Hanukkah. Mommy bought me two toys. One was a fluffy white mousey and the other is blue ball with a tail it isn’t a mouse we can’t figure out what it is.

Mommy, My Uncle and Grandma and me watched movies and Uncle David watched football. We had turkey and I had a small piece too. Mommy sneaked me a tiny piece. She always thinks of me.

I would like to wish everyone especially other beloved kitties and puppies a happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.


Xena, The Warrior Kitty 🙂