Doris Day inspired My Mommy to ask landlords to allow babies like me into apartments.

20150416_131314my xena


My Mommy loves Doris Day and Doris loves little ones like me.

We were watching an old episode where Doris wrote an article about pets that need homes and that landlords need to allow people to adopt cats and dogs.

I was on Mommy’s lap and she bent down and kissed me, rubbed the side of my face and the top of my head.

Mommy always does that but she wanted to let me know at that moment that I was loved.

That show was a long time ago, Mommy was as little as I am, yet it is worse now then it was then, it is harder and harder to find someplace to move to. And Mommy was inspired and asked me to write this to put out the word.

We need homes.

You need us to love you. We need to love you.  It mutual love.

We do not do damage if our Mommies and Daddies teach us how to behave correctly.

Please let your landlord know you want a pet, write petitions, canvas the area.

It is especially important for people like my Grandmother, older humans need pets like me to love.

I am not sure if you know my Mommy rescued me, I was alone, in the rain and starving till Mommy found me.

I love her and she loves me.

Till next time…. Meow!


Xena, The Mighty Rug Mover

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry I have been quiet lately.  I was not feeling too well I did a no-no on the couch so I was not allowed on the furniture for a while. But , I feel so much better.  In fact I have been a very busy kitty.

First I have been guarding my Mommy and Grandma. I am the family watch kitty. It is very interesting. My Mommy’s old place did not have any view out the front door only our back door. I saw a lot of birds but no people other than the people who came into our place.

Also I have this rug that is all mine. My mommy was very smart she saw that I liked to scratch this throw rug. So the only places she allowed me to scratch when I was very little was my scratch log and my rug. When we lived in our place I could move it all over the apartment which was a lot of fun. It was a game we played. I moved it and Mommy moved it back.

Then we moved here, Mommy and Grandma put my rug in the hall way. It is very small so I had a hard time moving it. But now fellow kitties and other friends out there, I have figured it out. I know how to move the rug. I have twice moved it completely around. My Mommy and Grandma were so proud.

So I was allowed to sleep in Grandma’s bed, it was a pretty big deal and I am one proud little Kitty.

Well it is time for my cat nap, I usually sleep on my Mommy’s make bench, it has become mine more than Mommy’s. She doesn’t mind she just reaches over me when she wants things.



Xena’s World

Hello all, well I have been so busy lately. I have been chasing a fly that got into my Mommy’s room. I have been trying to eat salad, Mommy does not understand but I don’t want to eat it. I just love to lick it and play hockey with it. I have been finding new places in our place to hide. I love to go under her bed and behind the tv in the living room.


I love to hunt around the house, I hunt my toys but it more fun to hunt the white paper things…napkins that fall off the counters and tables. Mommy always is picking them up from my hiding places. She is so smart, she always finds them.

My Mommy works from home and I love to curl up under feet as she works, she sometimes don’t know I am there and brushes her foot against me, I always let her know. She is always startled when I do it, it is so funny.


I also have taken over my Mommy make bench that is near her dressing table, she is amused by it I think because she just reaches over me to get her hairbrush, I purr and curl up tighter.

I like watching people pass by our front door but to be honest they kind of scare me. When they come to close or make too much noise I hide under my Mommy’s legs.


Till next time, (time for a cat nap.)