My Eyes Are On You, Mommy!

xena by Dave379205_535976773109586_1920176700_n63770_516309685076295_1756383758_nxena in office chair


As my Mommy tells everyone I am a prrrretttty smarrrrttt.

I know when Mommy comes home with bags from  the food place she has my snack in it.


Well this time my Mommy couldn’t buy it because they went to a bad place that do not like us Kitties.


My Mommy and Uncle David came home and told me that Mommy would go out and get me my snack after they ate lunch,


I was upsettttt!


I had not had my snack in three whole days. So I had a plan.


When my Mommy and Uncle David unpacked I had my eyes on them. I would not let them out of my sight.


I let them know I was not happy because I whipped my beautiful tail.


Mommy, Grandma and Uncle David were amused but they got the point. My eyes were on them  where ever they went.


As soon she finished looked down at me and I looked up at her, she smiled and said, “Ok, ok.”


She went out and bought me my snack.


I won for one reason, my Mommy loves me.