Nap Time

my xena379205_535976773109586_1920176700_n

What humans do not understand is that we kitties need our naps.

And because we are smart enough to take many short naps during the day we can stay up all night and play.

I hunt flys and spiders that Mommy and Grandma can’t get or see.

I play with my toys, play and claim all the things I can rub against and I play with my sleeping Mommy.

So most of the day I sleep except when I smell food.

I love Tuna. When I see tuna I know it’s for me.  I am there.

Wagging my tail, jumping on my Mommy’s leg and letting her know I am here and ready for my tuna.

Napping is very important, it makes purrrrrfecttttlllllyyyy happpppy.


Xena 🙂




My Birrrtday




My Birrrtday was on Monday. My Mommy cuddled with me and played with me.

And she gave me new food, it is ok. We went back to the old one after Iz let her know. ( Iz sure all you kitties know what I mean)

She bought me a pretty new present. It was a mouse. Iz loved it.


But my favorite part of the day was eating my Mommy’s writing pad.

Iz don’t know why she doesn’t understand, Iz love to nibble her paper.

And Iz love to lick and eat plastic.

Iz don’t know if you cats out there have the same problem.

Mommy is always scolding me about it.

my xena

Oh well Iz love my mouse, and Iz love to get my nibbles!

Till next time;




On Vacation With My Family

Xena in hotel

I went on vacation with my family. As you know we cats are a minority group as vacations go.  My Mommy is very special and she and our family would not go with out me. I am an important member of the family. Mommy bought some new supplies for me for this trip.  So I know she wanted me to feel comfortable, buttttt I am pussy cat and I had issues.

My Mommy bought a new toy, a new litter box and a new scratch post for the trip. I loved the toy and the scratch post but I was suspicious of the carrier and I did not see my litter box till we got there.

Mommy and Uncle David caught me a put me in the new carrier. Even though I do not like to be put in any small place it smelled nice, she put in a new towel and one of my favorite toys.  The trip there was fine, I like that when I rub my cheek against it that I rub against a net and not cold metal. She could open it, pet me and comfort me too, so I do like that a lot. It is soothing to hear my family speaking while we drive and to feel the thump-thump under me as we rattle along.


We had to wait at the hotel for our rooms so we sat on couches (me in the dumb carrier) and they talked and I people watched. I have never seen so many people in my furry life. Wow! Then Mommy picked me up and we all went up to our room. After the man brought all our stuff in, (mine too) Mommy let me go.

It was a nice place (Not home but nice.) The only thing I really liked was that I had my own bed in Uncle David’s room.  I also liked the high chairs it was fun to go up on the high back and look over my families shoulders. Uncle David thought it was funny and of course Mommy was always quick to take out the camera and take our pictures. She loves to take my picture. She took a lot of me while we there all the time.

After the weekend was over I was really upset to go back into the carrier. I did have a bit of an episode. I growled and scared grandma and made my Mommy mad. She does not scold me much but she did and when she gets that angry tone I usually do what she says. So to say she was both upset and shocked that I did not listen, would not explain the worried look on her face. I tried hard to escape but there was no escape. So I got in the corner and pouted. I am very good at pouting.

Then as we left the hotel I was admired by a beautiful blonde lady who said I was very impressive. Mommy liked that so I figure it was a compliment. Of course she did not know I was such a bad girl that morning. After we left the hotel we stopped to get pretty flowers to give to my late Grandpa. We went to his side and Mommy put me down near the stone thing and introduced me. Then the family just spoke to him and told him how much they missed him.  Uncle David and Grandma and Mommy all seemed sad and Mommy said Grandpa would have loved me.

Then we stopped for lunch, yes folks I had lunch too. I had my usual Friskies and water. And my family had Mediterranean food. Yummy.

Then we came home. I was so happy to be home. No more carrier and I had Mommy’s bed.  I had my own litter box and my couch.



my xena

My Mommy just does not get it.

I love tuna.  I really LOVE tuna!!!


When I hear the big wood thing open and Mommy takes out the can and I hear that wonderful sound of metal hitting the counter.

I run in and sit by the door, my little head cocked to the side to let her know I am waiting.

Mine, MINE, MINE !!!!!!!

Then my favorite part she opens the can, I run to her, I make sure she knows I am there, I go in out of  her lovely legs.

I rub against her crying all the time, I say;


Finally she lowers my prize down and its all…….


Thanksgiving With My Family

xena and camel

My family had Thanksgiving at home this year. It was so nice to be with everyone. We also celebrated Hanukkah. Mommy bought me two toys. One was a fluffy white mousey and the other is blue ball with a tail it isn’t a mouse we can’t figure out what it is.

Mommy, My Uncle and Grandma and me watched movies and Uncle David watched football. We had turkey and I had a small piece too. Mommy sneaked me a tiny piece. She always thinks of me.

I would like to wish everyone especially other beloved kitties and puppies a happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.


Xena, The Warrior Kitty 🙂

My Family And Me!

xena by Davexena and camel Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry I have not let you know about me for a bit but I have been really busy.


I have been really busy with my Mommy, Grandma and Uncle Dave.



Uncle Dave took the picture to left, I am so cute he couldn’t resist me. He wanted a picture of his own. So pop! The flash of bright light went in my eyes. He and Mommy were going out for the day but he had to get a picture of me. He Luvs me very much.

Then we had some stuff delivered, I am not allowed to meet them so Mommy puts me in our room. I do not like that but when he left I sniffed out the room to make sure we were ok.

Mommy I played a lot this week, the picture to the right was one my Mommy took of me playing with my toy camel. Isn’t my camel cute?

Anyway it is nap time, please let me know what you’re doing with your Mommy and Daddy!