Xena The Warrior Kitty, and the Wall

xena relaxing in the bathroom


Why do cats stare at walls?

My Mommy is asking me that.  Though I love her, she is human so she just don’t understand.

You see we like to look at the shadows, the tiny bugs that might be there, and the way the light plays with us.

So to us kitties its like a movie.  Mommy loves to watch the big flickering box.

She always kisses my head and pets me behind my ear while I am watching the wall.

That’s OK, I love Mommy’s kisses as much as I love watching the special wall entertainment.


Till Next Time,








Nap Time

my xena379205_535976773109586_1920176700_n

What humans do not understand is that we kitties need our naps.

And because we are smart enough to take many short naps during the day we can stay up all night and play.

I hunt flys and spiders that Mommy and Grandma can’t get or see.

I play with my toys, play and claim all the things I can rub against and I play with my sleeping Mommy.

So most of the day I sleep except when I smell food.

I love Tuna. When I see tuna I know it’s for me.  I am there.

Wagging my tail, jumping on my Mommy’s leg and letting her know I am here and ready for my tuna.

Napping is very important, it makes purrrrrfecttttlllllyyyy happpppy.


Xena 🙂



I Am The Mighty Bug Hunter!


I am Xena the Warrior Kitty and I hunt flying bugs. My Mommy won’t let me get near the ones with stingers.  She shoos me away.


But the little moth like ones that fly all over the place she lets me hunt them. I think it is much more fun then all my toys. They harder to get and they tucker me out.

I have to take a nap after a good hunt…

Xena and her boyfriend Bobby  with my pal Bobby the doggy 🙂







I have taken down many a flying bug though my Mommy gets a bit worried that I will get sick.

Silly Mommy, I am the great Xena, The Warrior Kitty, and I never get sick!