Me Against The Dragon

xena in the cane chair

Hi Everybody! Sorry I have been so quiet but my Mommy has been hogging the computer so I haven’t been able to write you all.

My latest adventure is a great ugly dragon. It roars and makes noise and has just started to be very active in the last week.

I know it has been very cold and it seems to come to life with it is cold outside.

Mommy and Grandma are not scared of it but it has a roar and make growling noises and it smells really bad.

My Mommy does not like much either but she is very brave and never flinched from it. Though the smell bothers her too.  Since it is cold and my Grandma gets cold easily, my Mommy has been fighting with it a lot lately.

She does not call it a dragon, she calls it a heater.

She does not understand the smell of sulfur and the scary roar makes it a great giant dragon. I have tried to fight on many occasions. I raised my paw to it but my Mommy always puts herself between me and the mighty beast. She is so brave.

And when I try to sniff it when it is quiet she chases me away because she says it is not good for me.

I keep telling her that the mighty beast is not good for anyone. It is truly evil.

When Mommy is a sleep I try to investigate but is also sleeps when Mommy and Grandma does.

I promise you my friends I will slay the horrible thing, I will. Or my name is not Xena, The Warrior Kitty!!!!!