My Book is out!!!!!!!


My book is out!!!!

I had a good sniff and I think it iz very nice.

Mommy was so excited that it is number 1.

(Don’t know what that means but Iz happy.)

Mommy iz putting linky here;



The Cover for my book that I did with Mommy :)


I really loves this new cover.

Do you sees the kitty in the picture?  Itz me!

I so excited!!!

I will let you know when you buy your copy.

Once the new website is done, you can play wif me!!!!!

I have a secwet!!!

xena in the cane chair


Mommy and I are creating a special book.

Its called A Kitty’s View, an interactive children’s book!!!!

For kids and cats!  You will be able to share with each other.

You will be able to talk to me and ask me questions on the new kitty page.

The book though is special.  It will have my stories.

You will get to tell stories about you, in a very special place!

And there is a coloring section!

So you will get your Mommy and Daddy to buy you our book and then you will be able to share with other kids and most important, you will talk to me! Puuurrrfffeccct.

It is coming very soon.

We are so excited!!!!!!!