Nap Time

my xena379205_535976773109586_1920176700_n

What humans do not understand is that we kitties need our naps.

And because we are smart enough to take many short naps during the day we can stay up all night and play.

I hunt flys and spiders that Mommy and Grandma can’t get or see.

I play with my toys, play and claim all the things I can rub against and I play with my sleeping Mommy.

So most of the day I sleep except when I smell food.

I love Tuna. When I see tuna I know it’s for me.  I am there.

Wagging my tail, jumping on my Mommy’s leg and letting her know I am here and ready for my tuna.

Napping is very important, it makes purrrrrfecttttlllllyyyy happpppy.


Xena 🙂




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