Iz Sticky Outz

xena guarding the door63770_516309685076295_1756383758_n

Mommy, I don’t like dis hot stickyness.

My beautiful fur iz comin off everywhere. And I know you make sure I am cool but it does not take away the sticky.

Thank you for opening the door last night, itz cooler and I getz to watch all the people.


Didz you know they say hi to me.  But some are mean and theyz just walkz by me. Don’t they know Iz special?

You alwayz tellz me Iz special and beautiful so dontz they know that?


Well it is cooler today so Iz feel better and Iz knowz you and Grandma do too.


I loved the ice water you have been giving me. It feelz good against my liddle paw.


Iz love you, Mommy.


Xena, Warrior Kitty!


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