I Miss My Mommy When She Isn’t Home

xena by Dave

My Mommy works from home but when she has to go out on appointment I miss her.  I wait by the door on the couch, peeking out the window.  I usually sleep but when I hear her I stand up wagging my little tail.

Then  I just won’t let her out of my sight. I follow her all over the apartment and I let her know that I am upset that she left me. The good news is she does feel bad, she gives me a special treat of tuna!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuna is my favorite thing in the world and Mommy knows it. She loves to give me tuna because she knows it makes me happy!!!

The other good thing is I sit on her lap and let her know that she is my Mommy. She knows that but it is a nice Mommy and baby time. I curl up against her tummy and she pets me and rubs my tummy.  Its my favorite way to end my day.