My Family And Me!

xena by Davexena and camel Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry I have not let you know about me for a bit but I have been really busy.


I have been really busy with my Mommy, Grandma and Uncle Dave.



Uncle Dave took the picture to left, I am so cute he couldn’t resist me. He wanted a picture of his own. So pop! The flash of bright light went in my eyes. He and Mommy were going out for the day but he had to get a picture of me. He Luvs me very much.

Then we had some stuff delivered, I am not allowed to meet them so Mommy puts me in our room. I do not like that but when he left I sniffed out the room to make sure we were ok.

Mommy I played a lot this week, the picture to the right was one my Mommy took of me playing with my toy camel. Isn’t my camel cute?

Anyway it is nap time, please let me know what you’re doing with your Mommy and Daddy!