Xena, The Mighty Rug Mover

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry I have been quiet lately.  I was not feeling too well I did a no-no on the couch so I was not allowed on the furniture for a while. But , I feel so much better.  In fact I have been a very busy kitty.

First I have been guarding my Mommy and Grandma. I am the family watch kitty. It is very interesting. My Mommy’s old place did not have any view out the front door only our back door. I saw a lot of birds but no people other than the people who came into our place.

Also I have this rug that is all mine. My mommy was very smart she saw that I liked to scratch this throw rug. So the only places she allowed me to scratch when I was very little was my scratch log and my rug. When we lived in our place I could move it all over the apartment which was a lot of fun. It was a game we played. I moved it and Mommy moved it back.

Then we moved here, Mommy and Grandma put my rug in the hall way. It is very small so I had a hard time moving it. But now fellow kitties and other friends out there, I have figured it out. I know how to move the rug. I have twice moved it completely around. My Mommy and Grandma were so proud.

So I was allowed to sleep in Grandma’s bed, it was a pretty big deal and I am one proud little Kitty.

Well it is time for my cat nap, I usually sleep on my Mommy’s make bench, it has become mine more than Mommy’s. She doesn’t mind she just reaches over me when she wants things.